Tommy Tang's Modern Thai Cuisine

Tommy Tang's Modern Thai Cuisine, by Tommy Tang. A colorfully illustrated collection of more than ninety original recipes adapting traditional Thai flavors to American kitchens and cooking techniques, by the innovative chef-owner of the most popular Thai restaurants in L.A. and New York. Full-color photographs and B & W illustrations throughout. Though Tang himself came here from Bangkok in 1972, his restaurants--the first opened in L.A. in 1982, a twin in N.Y.C.'s Tribeca four years later--have as much to do with American enterprise and California style as with Thai cuisine. The food, commonly referred to as "California Thai," is represented here by the ultratraditional Pad Thai, known as Thailand's national dish; by the restaurant's own chicken sat‚ with peanut sauce and its special sauced duck; and by such hybrids as Bangkok Jambalaya, Thai Wonton, eggplant made with olive oil and pine nuts, a roasted pepper sauce well represented in recent Italian cookbooks, and an arugula salad with ingredients from Asia, California (the zinfandel), and Italy. Whatever the borrowings, though, Thai accents manage to predominate (you can't do the recipes without curry paste and Thai fish sauce) and California's breezy flair just gives it wings. It's an attractive mix. Download Instantly Here

Best of Thai Food

Best of Thai Food, by Sarika Gensbichler. Thai food is gaining more popularity all over the world and is recognized as healthy and imaginative cuisine. Fresh-tasting, contrasting flavors, beautiful presentation and often fearsome spicy are keywords for the Thai cuisine. Thai food offers a seemingly endless variety of dishes, from noodles, curries, rice, seafood, sweets, fruits to the latest fusion creations. Food plays a vital and important role in Thai society, and every visitor to Thailand will be asked ‘Kin kao laew rue yang?’ which translates to ‘Did you eat already?’ Visiting Thailand just for food is an adventure in itself and food is available everywhere and all the times. Thais are great snackers and with street hawkers in every little soi (lane), food stalls in every shopping mall and pushcart kitchens everywhere, opportunities are plenty. This download gives insights into the 10 most famous and popular Thai dishes. It will show you how to prepare, cook and present your dish. Serving sizes are for two. Download Instantly Here

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Joys Top 50 Thai Food Recipes Cookbook

Joys Top 50 Thai Food Recipes Cookbook, by Apornpradab Buasi. This download includes 101 Colorfully Illustrated Food Pages – featuring tastiest Thai food dishes, plus 50 Worldwide Favorite Thai Recipes! Step by Step instructions for Cooking all recipes are included! And best of all, Joy’s Personal Touch – short stories about growing up in Thailand related to cooking Thai food. A hugely popular download. Download Instantly Here

Joys Top 20 Thai Desserts Cookbook

Joys Top 20 Thai Desserts Cookbook, by Apornpradab Buasi. Includes 42 Colorful Illustrated Pages – packed with photos, 20 of Thailand’s TOP, and most favorite Thai Desserts! Also Step-by-Step instructions for Cooking each delicious dessert! Joy’s Personal Stories about making these desserts at home are priceless! Download Instantly Here

200 Thai Favourites

200 Thai Favourites: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook, by Oi Cheepchaiissara. Thai food is globally renowned for its distinctive flavors and delicious mix of spicy and sour tastes. No matter what your level of ability, experiencing this wonderful cuisine need not be limited to restaurant visits. 200 Thai Favourites will allow you to re-create that authentic Thai flavor in your own home. From firm favorites such as red curry with roasted duck to the more exotic red snapper with three-flavor sauce, this book has a dish to suit everybody. Each recipe is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and a fullpage color photograph to ensure perfect results every time. Oi Cheepchaiissara was born in Thailand and took her degree in Bangkok at the Poh-Chang College of Arts. Now living in England, she runs her food manufacturing business and teaches Thai cooking. Download Instantly Here

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Thai Recipes

Thai Recipes, by Kanchan Kabra. In recent years there has been a growing liking for Thai food among food aficionados, though it is available at only star hotels and rare places, food lovers hunt for it and reach to have it. Thai cuisine is hot, spicy, sweet and sour. Lemon grass, basil, coconut milk, peanuts, rice, noodles, dry red chili paste, basil, kaffir lime are main ingredients of the cuisine. Download Instantly Here

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Isaan Cuisine

Isaan Cuisine, by Nathalia McLean-Thorne and Paul McLean-Thorne. An introduction and step-by-step guide to Isaan cuisine, the simple, spicy and healthy cooking of a people from North-East Thailand and Laos. Isaan cooking is notable for recipes such as Laap, Papaya Salad and Sticky Rice. Download Instantly Here

200 Thai Recipes

200 Thai Recipes, by Sally Lan. This download contains 200 delectable, easy to make Thai recipes. The directions are very straightforward and are easy to has never been easier to create scrumptious Thai food in your own kitchen! Some of the recipes found in this book include Thai Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup, Thai Chicken with Fresh Basil, Thai Fried Noodles, Thai Salmon Parcels, Yellow Curry Chicken, Eggplant with Tofu, Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup, Stir-Fried Beef with Mint, Pad Thai, Peanut Sauce, Special Thai Chicken with Chillies, and many more! Download Instantly Here

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Thai Cookery Secrets

Thai Cookery Secrets, by Kris Dhillon. Discover how to create delicious Thai dishes using easily available ingredients and with surprisingly little effort. Kris Dhillon explains the basic principles of Thai cooking - fresh, flavoursome ingredients, correctly combined and quickly cooked - so that you can achieve the wonderful flavors Thai cooking is famous for. Many Thai restaurants in the Western world barely capture the true essence of Thai food but Kris shows how you can match the best Thai food from Thailand. Recipes include perfect pad thai, easy stir fries, aromatic soups, Thai tempura, quick vegetarian side dishes like steamed bok choy and garlicky broccolini, and a large variety of curries including the classic Thai green curry. Kris Dhillon writes with the authority of an accomplished restaurateur. With many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers she is still flattered by the popularity of her recipes and by the volume of interest and debate they continue to provoke. Her book, The Curry Secret, is widely acknowledged as the Holy Grail of curry cook books. Download Instantly Here

A Thai Herbal

A Thai Herbal, by C. Pierce Salguero. A practical guide to the traditional herbalism of Thailand, written for the beginning herbalist, or for the general reader with a curiosity about the fascinating topic of holistic health and Asian medicine. Contains an overview of the history, theory and spirituality of traditional Thai medicine, with a focus on the application to modern Western life. This book is the result of 5 years of research and hands-on study with Thai healers in and around the Chiang Mai area of Northern Thailand. C. Pierce Salguero is a member of the American Herbalist Guild, and an accredited instructor of Thai Massage. He lived in Thailand for many years, apprenticing under several renowned traditional Thai healers. He is currently the director of the Tao Mountain School of Traditional Thai Massage and Herbal Medicine. Download Instantly Here

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Thai Cuisine...The Herbs and Spices Present a Medley of Taste

Thai Cuisine...The Herbs and Spices Present a Medley of Taste, by Chef's Secret Vault. Today’s lifestyle finds more people dining at home. Cookbooks are expensive. Our 20 recipe themed cookbooks are a fraction of the cost. The recipes are Easy, Quick, & Delicious. Download Instantly Here

Essential Beginner's Guide to Healthy Thai Cooking - The 10 Most Popular Recipes

Essential Beginner's Guide to Healthy Thai Cooking - The 10 Most Popular Recipes, by Jennifer Benjawan. Thailand’s most famous soup is – ‘tom yum’, a name for two similar soups originating from Laos and Thailand characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors, with fragrant herbs generously used. The basic broth is made of stock and fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal (in lieu of ginger), lime juice, fish sauce and crushed chili peppers. Westerners enjoy‘tom yum’ made with prawns (‘tom yum kung’). Thais use a variety of meats including chicken (tom yum kai), fish (‘tom yum pa’ in Laotian and ‘tom yum pla’ in Thai), or mixed seafood (‘tom yum talay’ or ‘tom yum po taek’) and mushrooms - usually straw mushrooms or oyster mushrooms. The soup is often topped with generous sprinkling of fresh chopped coriander leaves (cilantro).

Tom yum paste is made by crushing all the herb ingredients and stir-frying in oil. Seasoning and other preservative ingredients are then added. The paste is bottled or packaged, and sold around the world. ‘Tom yum’ flavored with the paste may have different characteristics from that made with fresh herb ingredients. Download Instantly Here

The Everything Thai Cookbook

The Everything Thai Cookbook, by Jennifer Malott Kotylo. Thai cuisine creates a harmonious blend between spicy hot and comparatively bland ingredients from age-old Eastern and relatively new Western foods. Featuring both outstanding traditional recipes and cutting-edge crowd-pleasers such as Spicy Fried Rice Sticks, Salmon Toast, Chicken Satay, and Thai Crab Cakes, The Everything® Thai Cookbook guides you through preparing meals as good as you'd find in your favorite Thai restaurant. The Everything Thai Cookbook is perfect for both vegetarians and meat-eaters, offering an eclectic range of spices, flavors, and aromas. Whether you want to prepare a meal for one, or an entire feast, The Everything® Thai Cookbook will have you serving up tasty fare to tempt even the most critical food connoisseur. Jennifer Malott Kotylo is a freelance writer, editor, and marketing consultant. Download Instantly Here